Read what parents and students have to say about Summer Music Institutes at The Academy of Music:

"The Richmond Summer Harp Institute helped me decide that I wanted to pursue harp as my career. I have a deeper appreciation of music because of the music history and theory classes which were incredibly inspirational. It was truly an amazing and life-changing experience for me!" -Anna E., RSHI Student

"Before my summer memories faded with the fall, I wanted to thank you for such a fantastic job you did with the Virginia Choristers Choir Institute.  While Leah loves to sing, it was the first time she had participated with a chorus singing multiple parts.  She learned so much and enjoyed every minute of it!  Thanks for giving her such a great experience with choral music!"-Michelle, VCSI Parent

"I like piano camp because even though I've done lessons I never played piano with a lot of people before. It's new and different and fun." -William, Piano Institute Student

"The Richmond Summer Harp Institute is intensely rewarding and intensely fun!  I made more progress in two weeks than I did in one year of private study.  Plus, I made incredible new friends!" -Lauren W., RSHI student
"Thank you for keeping us in the loop re: your wonderful summer program. Sophia had a magnificent time last summer, and the experience helped to propel her into a great year of playing!" -Eva C., CMI Parent
"I want to thank you again for allowing me to intern this past summer. The knowledge and experience I've gained through the Summer Music Institutes prepared me to successfully complete this first semester on the Dean's List with a 3.8 G.P.A.!" A. McGee, SHI Intern
“SMI has been a very beneficial experience. I’ve learned so much about performing and preparing for concerts. It has also been a blast to be able to work with all of the guest artists.” (KS)
“[I have gained] more experience performing in large venues, [learned] how to move harps (without dolleys!), learn[ed] some new words in a different language, [and learned] how to learn music faster (only two weeks of preparation) which pushes you.” (LB)
“Anyone can perform as a soloist but the real accomplishment is when you can perform with an ensemble and be so in tune to each other that the musical idea comes out as one; the Richmond Summer Harp Institute teaches you that.”
“I have learned a lot from this experience.  I have learned how to play with other harps as an ensemble and work together with other people as a group. I have also learned how to act as a professional musician.” S. W.
“I’ve learned many things about being a musician. I’m a much better person; music teaches you more than you can imagine.” M. T. F. 
“It is incredibly exciting and rewarding to put so much effort into making music and then be able to travel the world on concert tour and perform in world famous concert halls!” 
“Musicians who travel together, stick together!!  The European Summer Institute provides a way to meet and make lifelong friendships with amazing and talented musicians.” A. C.
"Bravo!, Bravo!, Mrs. Ediger-Kordzaia! Just a very short gigantic thank you for an absolutely stunning work. From my perspective here on this side of the Atlantic, the (European Summer Harp Institute) was an immense success. And now to have them both here, state-side, safe and sound, with all four feet on the ground - not one "incident" - and nothing to say but glowing reports about the whole trip..............I can't thank you enough! Your stamina is remarkable! The small sampling of astounding photographs and video clips that Vanessa and Amber were able to send to us made us feel like we were there with you, and proved how one can squeeze 9 people into a VW bug, or rather, four weeks of incredibly uplifting cultural globetrotting into 8 days! To accomplish it all in such peace and order and safety is truly a feat of virtue and excellence. This father and husband thanks you from the bottom of my heart!!!" -Kevin C., ESHI Parent (after trip to Austria)
"I love traveling with you. Thank you for another amazing trip!" H. Maes, SHI Parent (after trip to Australia)
“Sign up now! It’s a once in a lifetime experience and you will not regret it. It is a lot of work but it definitely pays off in the end. Do it. It’s uber fun!” K. Smith
“If you want a motivating, inspirational and life-changing experience, then the Summer Music Institutes are for you! It’s a musician’s DREAM come true!!” L. Bennett