Academic Classes

In addition to instrumental instruction and rehearsal, SHI also includes classes in the following subjects:

Music History

Each daily session will explore Western music history in a broad fashion. The class will serve as an introduction to music of the Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern periods. The focus of the course will be on listening along with interdisciplinary links to history, architecture and other art forms.

Music Theory

All students will take a theory placement test prior to the start of the class so they may be placed appropriately in a beginner, intermediate or advanced theory class. Students will learn the language, terminology and mechanics of music plus the fundamentals of sound, notation, intervals, chords, musical forms and analysis.

Aural Skills/ Ear Training

This class is designed to help develop a keener sense for listening and is integrated with the music theory class. Each student will be able to distinguish between different intervals, chords, scales and more. Depending on theory placement, varying levels of melodic and rhythmic dictation exercises will be given.


Learn basic skills of conducting and leading an ensemble. Students will prepare a short score while conducting their peers. Students will also be given a opportunity to conduct in the final concert.