About SHI


Now in its 24th year, the Summer Harp Institutes offer three separate weeks of intensive study of the harp. The 2019 Summer Harp Institutes include:

  • A daily schedule of ensemble rehearsals, classes, workshops, practice and individual attention 
  • A private lesson with one of our world-class faculty members 
  • A supportive and inspiring environment for students at all levels- from beginners to advanced
  • Repertoire selections tailored to student abilities and placement determined by age and skill level
  • Attention to individual needs, learning style and physiology
  • Emphasis the development of effective practice skills, memorization techniques and performance etiquette
  • Grand Finale Concert
  • Fun extracurricular group activities and more!

An extraordinary number of students return year after year (over 90% of students have attended more than one year) as the Summer Harp Institutes not only nurture musical ability but provide all of the camaraderie of a summer music experience where students form friendships that last a lifetime. The combination of an outstanding faculty, the beautiful setting, a rich musical environment and talented students makes the Institute an exciting, memorable and rewarding experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Our website has changed! Please visit www.greenspringmusic.org/about for 2019 Summer Harp Institute information.